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Free database trials

The Library has arranged free trials of academic databases for students and teachers from now until late June.

1. EBSCO (expires 30/6)

URL: http://search.ebscohost.com

User Id: ycisqd

Password: ycisqd


2. GALE 1 Opposing viewpoints (expires 15/6)

URL: http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/cnycisqd

Password: develop

3. GALE Questia (expires 15/6)

URL: http://www.questiaschool.com/

Username: cnycisqd@questiaschool.com

Password: questia


URL: http://www.jstor.org/

Username: ycisqd

Password: 8LTgQNW77D


Academic databases are introduced to students in Upper Secondary, and are particularly important for the IB Diploma Programme. Students in Years 10 – 13 will have 1 or 2 lessons with the Teacher Librarian to introduce them to academic databases and provide them with assistance on searching.

Feedback from students and teachers about these databases will help the school to decide which database we will subscribe to in the 2016-2017 school year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Library sunnyc@qd.ycef.com


Book Week is only 2 weeks away!

reading_clubBook Week will take place April 25th – 29th this year, and we have exciting activities planned to celebrate reading across the whole school. This year our theme is “READING MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND.” Our focus is on sharing home languages and discovering new stories and authors from around the world. Our overseas author is David Greenberg from the USA.


Parents are welcome to join our celebration of reading – please check with your child’s teacher or Courtney (Parent Liaison Officer) for more information, or to RSVP.

Monday 25th April

  • Dr Seuss Crazy Sock Day: students wear crazy socks to school;
  • Primary and Secondary workshops with overseas author, David Greenberg;
  • Parent Workshop with David Greenberg: 220-3pm in the Library. RSVP to Courtney, Parent Officer.

Tuesday 26th April

  • Primary and Secondary workshops with overseas author, David Greenberg;
  • Door decorating: classes will decorate their doors to illustrate their favourite books.

Wednesday 27th April: “Shakespeare Day”

  • Celebrating the Bard’s birthday (April 23rd) we will try to speak Elizabethan English all day!
  • Year 8 will drop-in to all classes to perform scenes from 12th Night;
  • “60-second Shakespeare” competition for Secondary.

Thursday 28th April

  • “Home Language Storytime”: if you are interested in visiting ECE or Primary to read a story in your home language, please let your child’s teacher or form tutor know.
  • Primary Student Council Bake Sale: raising funds for Seeds of Hope

Friday 29th April – the Grand Finale!

  • Come to school dressed as your favourite story character. Parade 8am;
  • Readers Cup: house teams will test their literary knowledge for house points and prizes in the YCIS Qingdao Battle of the Books!

Thank you for your support during Book Week.


Panda Award Winners

The winners have been announced:

Panda award winnersThere were no surprises in the Younger and Middle categories, as Book with no pictures and Sisters were very clear favourites at our school. Some students were surprised to see Counting by 7s win the Older Readers category, but All the light we cannot see was well-received by teachers who participated in the Mature Readers category.

The Panda Book Awards run every year from Summer until Spring. Keep an eye out for the new Panda reading list closer to the summer holiday.


New Non-fiction

nonfic display oct15

Our current Secondary Library display

Our collection of Secondary Non-fiction has grown rapidly this year, with over 200 new information books in Chinese, English and Korean, carefully chosen by teachers (with the help of librarians). We have new books about art, music, technology, science, mathematics, literature, economics and more, including the following fascinating titles:

Library staff highly recommend: The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks (soon to be made into a movie by Oprah)

Grow your brain and check out a great non-fiction book today!

DeweyDecimal poster copy

Click to enlarge

During Library induction, we discussed how non-fiction books are organised in a special way, called:

The Dewey Decimal Classification System

Imagine trying to find the book you wanted from a pile of 1000s of books! Fortunately, libraries use a special classification system to organise books. This system was designed by Melvil Dewey, an American librarian who lived from 1851 to 1931. He invented the Dewey Decimal System of Classification, which is still used in libraries. The system numbers books by their subject matter (see the image on the right), or visit this easy Dewey guide

Reference List

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Melville, M. (2015). Dewey Decimal System. Retrieved 13 October from https://connectcollaborateshare.wikispaces.com/Resources+for+the+Dewey+Decimal+System


Reading for fun makes your brain GROW!

A study has identified that reading for fun can help to grow brain tissue and make you smarter.

By reading every night, you are literally helping your brain grow by creating and strengthening neurons. You can read lots more at Mr Ferlazzo’s blog (it’s aimed at adults, so the language is a bit technical). On average, students who read daily for enjoyment score the equivalent of one-and-a-half years of schooling better than those who do not (OECD, 2011 in Earp, 2015).

teenager reading paulaphoto

A recent report by Common Sense Media found that 1/3 of 13-year-olds and 45% of 17-year-olds say they read for pleasure only one or two times a year (Schulten, 2014)

Your intelligence is a potential that can be developed. A study in the UK found how much people read as a teenager had a strong link to their vocabulary and maths skills in their 40s.

Borrow a book today, keep it beside your bed and aim to read 20 minutes every day.

Reference list and further reading:

Earp, J. (2015). The power of a good book. Teacher Magazine – ACER.

Ferlazzo, L. (2009). Reading Logs — Part Two (or “How Students Can Grow Their Brains”). Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day….

Paul, A. (2015). Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer. TIME.com.

Rehnborg, G. (2015). Why we should be encouraging everyone to read for pleasure. South China Morning Post.

Schulten, K. (2014). Do You Read for Pleasure?. The Learning Network.

Sullivan, A. (2014). Your vocabulary aged 40 depends on how much you read as a teenager. The Conversation.


Home Language Collection

IMG_1860The Library has a new Home Language Collection. We have many new books in Korean language, and hope to add other languages in future.

This month our Library display is celebrating internationalism, and all the languages spoken by students at our school. IMG_1858So far we have collected vocabulary in English, Chinese, Korean, French, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, Italian and Japanese.

Families are very welcome to donate books in their home language to our new collection. As this collection is still very small, students may borrow only one item at a time.

During Book Week we hope family and friends will share stories in their home language with students.



Coming in 2015-2016…

Destiny Quest

Our new library software has an interactive element where you can see new books as they arrive, view the top borrowed books at our school, create lists of your favourites, rate and review books and connect with friends.

Digital magazines

The Library has subscribed to 3 digital magazines this year: New Scientist, Economist and National Geographic. These are available on school iPads.

Book Week

Dates and visiting author are being finalised – sometime between March and May 2016. This year’s theme will be “One World, Many Stories” to highlight our new Home Language collection and the implementation of the IB Diploma Programme in Secondary.

Readers Cup

Who remembers the excitement of our battle of the books challenge during Book Week in February? This year we hope to hold 3 competitions, starting in September. Stay tuned, and may the most well-read House take the cup!

Panda Book Awards

Our order for the shortlisted Panda Book Awards has been placed and we hope to have these books on the shelves before October holiday. You can see last year’s winners HERE and you will also find this year’s shortlist.

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