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Find it

Skillful searching is essential for survival in the 21st century.

Define your task – what are you looking for?

  • Identify the key question/s
  • Identify key words
    • Find synonyms for key words

Tools for developing your ideas:

  • Check the guidelines for number and type of sources required for your year level.

Locate information – where will you find the most relevant sources?


  • Searching in the wrong place can waste lots of time and produce less than awesome results. Think about WHO is the best source for your topic. Searching British history? Go to the British Museum website, British government websites or the BBC.
  • Start your Bibliography NOW! Keep track of your sources to save time later on.

  • Tips for good internet searching:
  • Use your keywords and synonyms
  • Use advanced search function
  • Boolean searching: use AND or NOT

Evaluating websites:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.38.11 am

Source: Google.com


Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.31.50 am

Source: Google.com


Search Engines

A search engine is a program to help you find webpages on the internet, for e.g. Google, Yahoo, Baidu or Bing. Try these alternatives:

  • Click the ONESEARCH tab when searching the Library catalogue
  • Refseek : search engine for locating reference works and scholarly documents
  • Million short : search engine for finding lesser known, but interesting websites
  • Sweet search : search engine designed for students



Newspapers and Journals

Online Reference Sources

Dictionaries and Atlases

  • Visuwords online graphical and interactive dictionary



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